Christopher Kostow

Christopher Kostow was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and trained across Europe and North America. Upon helming his first kitchen at Chez TJ, in San Francisco, Chef Kostow was awarded two Michelin stars. He earned his third star in 2011 at The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley, California, becoming the youngest American-born chef to earn the culinary world’s highest honor. Chef Kostow was also awarded Best Chef: West by the prestigious James Beard foundation, has appeared multiple times on top television programs, and his first book, “A New Napa Cuisine”, was awarded Book of the Year in 2015 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.


One of the most pressing responsibilities we have in our generation is leading the way forward for a cleaner planet through sustainable agriculture. At Ensue we feel compelled to be leaders within this movement and to show that world class food can be produced in a respectful and sustainable way. At it’s core, this is the nature of Chef Christopher Kostow’s Napa Valley cuisine, which reflects in every element at Ensue; the idea that a simple vegetable can, in its purest form, hold a remarkable flavor that by itself can be the star of a dish. In addition, we believe that China has the same potential as any other great agricultural country of providing the best ingredients to locally produced cuisine, but this potential has been long neglected. Ensue is proud to seek these ingredients and showcase the beauty and delicacy of each ingredient by using the most cutting-edge western cooking techniques.

Culinary Team

Ensue’s kitchen, under the leadership of Executive Chef Kostow, proudly features top talents from the global culinary scene. Head Chef Miles Pundsack-Poe leads daily kitchen operations, assisted by a team of dynamic Chinese and foreign chefs, they showcase the very best of South China with every dish.

Miles Pundsack-Poe

Miles was born in Canada and raised with a passion for nature’s natural beauty. This passion fueled by early childhood world travel helped shape his cuisine today. After learning his craft with sustainable and product driven mentorship, Miles left Canada for the European Michelin dream. Miles spent one year traveling and cooking in some of Spain’s top kitchens including honing his fire cooking skills at Asasdor Etxebarri. Miles moved to California attracted to Chef Christopher Kostow’s esoteric and natural approach to food. Miles is excited with Chef Kostow’s mentorship to be heading up the kitchen is Shenzhen. Somehow they both knew their story and cuisine would continue to Ensue!

Service Team

The guest experience at Ensue and Alcove is led by General Manager Anthony Trova and a dynamic team of industry professionals. They believe a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and world-class service can co-exist. Dining at Ensue should be a uniquely exciting and memorable experience that remains long past the final course.