The name “Ensue” implies constant motion, continuation, striving for results. This describes the philosophy of our restaurant, and also the city of Shenzhen. The vibrant Southern Chinese city is the fastest-growing metropolis in the world’s history, and is a breathtaking hub of innovation and development. Ensue is a restaurant which is innovative, and progressive, much like the city itself.

Who is Ensue?

Ensue is the first restaurant in China led by Chef Christopher Kostow, one of the world’s elite chefs who has maintained the highest honor in the culinary world of three Michelin stars for over 9 years. Ensue represents Chef Kostow’s latest evolution, blending California farm-to-table culture and techniques with Cantonese tastes and ingredients. The menu at Ensue pays respect to the local products, unique palate and culinary traditions.

about chef KOSTOW